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Why Buy From Us

Welcome to The Luxe Lavender. We are a small mom and pop online retailer with real people behind it. We are thankful when you buy from us instead of buying from big commercial brands who make millions in their sleep. We have vetted only the best suppliers from all over the world and their highest quality products.

*We also feel it very important to give back. Whenever we reach a milestone, we will give 10% of all purchases that day to a local or Ocean Saving and Ocean Clean Up Charities, like Surfrider Foundation, Our local Rescue Mission or if we get enough requests, we will announce another "most requested charity". Any faith-based charities that are truly followers of God, are the only religious charities we will include. We are God's children first, then the rest. We welcome requests and we thank you for your purchase and look forward to many milestones! For example, we will give for our $5,000th and $10,000th milestones, and so on. The more we get the more we will give. We also encourage ideas, suggestions, and want ANY FASHION ARTISTS IN OUR AESTHETIC TO REACH OUT WITH High Quality PRODUCT LINES TO ADD TO OUR SHOP! Thank you and enjoy surfing and shopping with us! We are only an email away for any comments and questions you have! Xo  Contact